5 tips to make it BIG in the nigerian music industry (no 3 is a must do)

of lately, anyone with a sharp eyes in entertainment will admit that the nigerian music industry is a crowded one. the west african country remains on the top list by far with the highest rates of talented individuals, the music scene not left out. so the question is , how do one make it big in naija industry ??

5 tips/ tricks to help nigerian artistes blow in 2020

needless to say, as with too much congestion in highways caused by traffic, there is a similar and more frustrating one in the industry. the nigerian music scene is a backbone to the fact that hardwork would always beat talent by far, hen talent happens to be lazy. every sinl stat in the country has an average of a thousand artiste, from all genres, not forgetting that we have 36 states, woah!! now that’s scary !!

being a promoter and artiste influencer myself, i have been sadly privilege to witness the rotting away of so many talented individual , some lost to depression,sadness and wild thoughts..this provoked me to write this article, for dear you, cos i wouldn’t want same to happen to you.

one thing an artiste needs to understand that we in a fast world actually; the industry is no longer like that of the 90’s whereby having just good music brings you the fame/money . these days, no matter ho talented you feel you are, without proper strategies you might prolly be the next cynthia morgan or sinzu. even the holy book says ‘for lack of knowledge my people perish’ and these applies to all forms of life.

so, what are these tricks that are meant to give you a headway in the crowded scene, you do probably say in your mind ‘i should be asking you that ‘ and you’re right, let’s get the ball rolling !!!


TO make it big nowadays in the industry, if you are not making this tip your priority, you’re wrong!!! being unique is one major way your voice should be head.

and what do i mean by being unique??? ‘it’s probably talking about how one sound’ . well you half- right but that’s just one of it, being unique should be from your sound, to your voice tag (how you introduce yourself), to flyers, to graphics, logo, way of dressing, do not be a clone of any other artiste, it kills!!!

one major characteristics artistes are known for is creativity, and sadly most of our up and coming are totally bereft of that aspect. I have onced worked back in 2017 with an artistes who was always waiting to jump on co ver songs of top artiste, then ask his management to photoshop him with the artiste in the graphics for it to seem like he’s actually featuring him/her on the track.

these artiste did’nt bother to have a unique tone of his. today he’s sounding like davido, tomorrow like wizkid, the next track like tekno. last time i do inquired bout his whereabouts i heard his management had dropped him. this guy was undoubtedly a bag of talent, sadly though he kept on trying to be like everyone, when he could have spent those times in building himself. thus, not knowing how to blow in naija music industry is a failed start.

how to blow in naija music industry

most of ya’ll artist reading this are on this table. that davido’s ‘one milli’ or kizz daniel’s ‘jaho’ was a hit, doesn’t mean if you jump on the beat and make a cover its gonna sell too, those are their unique songs, go make yours bros!!!


while working on the promotion team for one of this entertainment brand in nigeria, i single handedly, and of my own accord, had set open an online interview portal back then, which came  with the full promotional package of one track at 5k (N5000). guess what, only about 7 artistes had show interest, and 44 participated, the portal was closed by the website, and i, queried.

but the truth is, i actually thought ’twas gonna be a success, but naija artistes will never cease to amaze you. all what am pointing you is to the fact interviews whether online, on tv, radio, is an essential way to get noticed  as it opens you to a wide audience and gives viewers / listeners a false sense of your fame which in turns acts as an incentive. interviews is also a grear trick in making it big musically in nigeria



LIKE i had noted in the heading, this is one ,most vital part of breaking into the industry, an artiste is not known to keep enemies. the guys from your hood, you should remember had always got your back, they’re your fam from day one so you shouldnt let a little fame, let’s say, being recognised musically in states level get into your head. this ha been the downfall of many ‘fast rising’ artistes who got bloated with pride by the little fame they got and forgot twas just a test.

4.work with local bloggers

small 1k likes for facebook, tunde don go upload song for itunes, now na 11 streams, zero buys him get , hehe. don’t mind me, but this is the plight of many-a-artist today.

The easy-to get online platforms is making upcoming artistes feel they do no longer need their local bloggers anymore. these artistes, who have dedicated their career to audiomack, and their achievements to streams, hallauciniating in them, have forgotten that these platform uploads,but do not promote their songs. also, these platforms do not provide direct download to fans on their phones and they are only allowed to stream/download offline, whereby the song still remains on the platform, and can only be listened to when one logs into the app.

5.collaborate with fellow acts

this is one good way to increase one’s fanbase, a trick that most artistes have’nt noted. i have seen artistes sweating their lives out, crunching their lies savings, epmtying their bank accounts just to feature an international artiste, a gesture whicjh omly gives em a fleeting moment of fam, and in no less time, they’re forgotten again.

I’M not trying to be negative here and i know there are few artistes that made it by featuring bigger artistes, but the cancer are odd!! it’s 2<10…. instead, why don’t you feature a well recognised local or state known act , and use the rest of the budgeted money for massive promotion instead??i’m sure that will leave a more lasting impression of you in people’s mind than the former.

well i gotta drop my notepad at this point, feeling sleepy anyways..if there are other methods you feel should be included, on how an artiste can blow massively in the naija music scene kindly drop your thoughts in the comment box for co-artistes to learn from it, enjoy fun time !!!


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