Alpha Male – The Study Of Self Worth In Relationships

Who is An Alpha male?

As a man, in a man’s world, the distinct difference between you and a woman is your ability to rule over your emotions – it being one of the most uncontrollable spots in human’s DNA.

Alpha male - the study of self Worth

Ladies, by default settings are naturally pulled by their emotional feelings and as a man, you’re not supposed to be found in same wing.

A lady, of course knows she’s expected by nature’s upbringing to be ladylike – calm, Meek, nurturing, supporting. Unfortunately, the ‘nice’ guy always try to play this role in order to win the heart of this lady and that’s where he gets it all wrong.

There can’t be two ladies in a relationship, when you guys ain’t practising lesbianism, so the lady tends to wave towards being the man in the relationship – unrelenting, blatant,non submissive and of All – the alpha female.

How to know if you’re a simp

Admittedly, no dude on this earth would love to be referred to as a simp ,it’s quite an unkind word. But the fact is there are loads of self proclaimed alpha males who are simps in reality but are too egoistic to admit that, thus they fail to heal.

And this simp-of-a-male ,misunderstanding it, keeps steering the wheels of fate to becoming more submissive, loving, caring partner, which subconsciously irritates Her the more and drifts away her attraction from him.


Although There’s totally nothing wrong in being a good/great guy to your partner, it just go all wrong when you try to be nice to gain attention or maintain the stability of the relationship. This shows that you the only one trying to keep it going, and it makes you a simp.

Another thing most males fail to recognize is the fact that no matter how much a girl loves or claim to love you, she’s created to always look out for better options.

Most times, loyal guys do a lot of stuffs to make a woman stay.

He cuts away from friends, give all of his attention to this particular lady wishfully thinking it will make her stay. By , say six months, he’s already invested a lot (emotionally, financially, perhaps mentally too) in this girl. At this moment he’s already attached to her and probably having day dreams of marriage and honeymoon ,lol.

He calls her 4 to 5 times a day, says sorry even if she’s brazenly at fault, gets anxieted at any if her tantrums

Sadly, girls on their part are naturally seers in relationship. A girl can easily know (and tell you, she’s 90% correct) if a guy’s into her for real or not. This is untrue of their male counterparts; cause girls can easily fake love.

A girl can love, or claim to love a battalion of guys without any noticing anything, and if she’s cunny enough, none would ever know the other. This tends to make guys unsure of their stand in a woman’s life and he keeps trying his best to win her over, which most times than not, end in tears.


I will take it that you didn’t stumble on this article by mistake, you’ve probably been, or is even presently in a toxic relationship, your manship has been probably taken away from you or you’re a simp.

How to know if you're a simp

Whatever side you belong to dude, here are 2 simple steps in taking control of your relationship as a man. Having a stable relationship or regaining Your alpha male status quo if you’ve lost it.

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