africa is becoming a nerve center oF the WORLD’S music industry, hip hop not excluded. With over 30 rap superstars trending worldwide and topping charts, twas a bit difficult to come up with the ten best rapper’s in africa, but the afrimusichub team did it !!. after two weeks of music,singles/album reviewws, fans option and of course music listens/streams/ download and street checkout , we’ve come up with what could be referred to as the best list so far. chech out the list of the top 10 best rappers in africa


we would like you to note that this review is not based on nationalistic seniments or personal feelings, but on facts and figures..leggo!!


NO kissing crooner (feat patoranking), is the number one citizen on this list and he so much deserves it. the ghananian rapper and MTV AWARD winner had first came to limelight with his freestyle ‘money no be problem’ which gained him fame and put him on the path for greatness, the artiste had gone on to feature top rappers lke nigeria’s mi abaga and ice prince. though our man raps mainly in the indigenous language of ghana, his swift flow and stubbing puncline which he of mostly rap them in english. sarkodie is more famous for his fast raps too. he is marriked and the ceo of SARKNATION.


still argued by most and sundry to be the best rapper in africa himself, we’re pretty sure that putting ‘the chairman ‘ under sarkodie has got you swearing under your breath. it’s fine, we understand. we have to note here that jude still remains the boss and best in linguistica hip hop.

mi abaga was well quite accepted and has been steady in the industry, the only rapper in nigeria who will forever be remembered to hold the rap industry in awe for ten straight years, quite a big achievement in a country that prefer’s bangers to punchline, its amazing how MI still remains one of naija’s top artiste in the mainstream too.. he first arrived splattering to pieces all over and rejunuvating the quite dying hip hop industry at that time (2009-2010) in nigeria. m.i is loved for his ability to switch between a comic line and back to a serious tone. the rapper is also a king in deep wordplay . mi abaga is the boss of  INCREDIBLE MUSIC  and fomarlly the ceo  of CHOCOLATE CITY- biggest hip hop record label in africa.


SOUTH africa young lad and arguably the best rapper in south africa, is the third on the list of the best rappers and currently the most loved by the hip hop loving youths as he gives out 21’st century styled rap . nasty cat can’t be first on our list as he is more of a trapper (and the best one in africa,), than a rapper.

nasty c came alive on the hip hop scene internationally, when he participated in the ‘COKE STUDIO AFRICA’ 2015. he was featured by nigerian afropop and rnb superstar, runtown. the track ‘SAID’ IS NOTABLY THAT TRACK that got nasty c in a bigger hip hop world .  his album STRINGS & BLINGS kept his buttocks sitting comfortably well.nasty c is  currently signed to one of the world’s biggest record labels, DEF JAM REORDZ  with hp hop veteran , 50 cents as label mate.


foreign sounding hip hop rapper, khaligraph jones , is one rapper whose voice doesn’t looks like his . the rapper is a king of his own lane with his quite peculiar sounds, unlike any other. khaligraph jones is one of the top best rappers in africa. he is said to had stated earning a bit of fame when he won a rap competition at age 19. the former bouncer is known for his determined attitudes in not ignoring diss tracks/ beefs about him and would respond to each, accordingly. he is known for his brief lasting diss tracks exchange with nigerian youngst most noted afro pop and hottest rapper, BLAQBONEZ.  khaligraph is a hardore rapper.



GOOD FOR THAT crooner, casper is one rapper that won’t go off our minds easily, he’s our fourth best rapper based on merits. the zulu hip hop head first came to the limelight internationally with his hit song ‘baby girl’ off the thuto album in 2017. he also went on to feature ‘the chairman’, nigeria’s M.I ABAGA himself, on M’s album-  RENDEZVOUS. the track is titled soup. casper yovest is also a well love rapper in S.A’s industry. he’s the ceo of family tree records, a self established record under the umbrella of  UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP. 


COMIC rapper and nollywood act, falz is deserving of bing the sixth outta ten top african rappers that are imnternatonal and also , he best of course.

falz is the son of nigeria’s SAN, falana. he’s a lawyer himself but currently not serving in any bar as he has dropped the certiifcate to focus more on his passion- music. falz had come to the limelight with a one hit track- toyin tomato. he went on to drop his comic sounding afro rap ‘SOFT WORK’  and woah, issa banger! FAlz is also another rapper who has a steady name in the rap industry, haven’t not gone incognito for the last  five years, as he keeps dropping hit tracks and feat top star acts, both local and international. his 2020 track ‘BOP DADDY’  ft  american female rapper mzvee continues to be an anthem on the streets of africa, even at the time of tabling this article.


100 CROWNS artiste, aq has made it to the list with cogence. the naija rapper made his debut track (w)rap nigeria, which was produced by hip hop ace mixer, kraftmatics. the rapper  have been underground for quite a long time, and only came  back to limelight in 2019/2020 when he dropped a verse on the martell cypher feat other hip hop heads like mi abaga, blaqbonez and choc city’s vice president, loose kaynon.

the rapper has been well recognnized after his joint ep ‘THE LIVE REPORT’ with M.I ABAGA ….with tracks like ‘jesus said use your head’ and ‘braveheart’ opping hip hop charts. earned him one of the top rappers in africa 2020.

8.AKA (S.A)

SOUTH AFRICAN A.K.A IS also a top notch hip hop head and very talented. the artiste is unarguably the most handsome and admirable artiste too. born kiernan jarryd forbes, the capee town bred superstar had gained recognition after his release of alter ego, with ‘victory lap’ as a track off the album, brought him international fame. a.k.a is signed to vth season under SONY ENTERTAINMENT. there is a little known feud that happened last year between him and nigeria’s burna boy after aka posted a sensitive tweet on twitter after the xenophobic attacks going on in SA on nigerians. there had been a war of words between the two artistes on the blue app.


emeka amuefele, stage name-blaqbonez is currently the youngest and hottest rapper right now in the troical region of he earth, his ep ‘bad boy blaq’ had earned him notice, and a very big one . he was also on m’s rendezvous album, being a proof that MI abaga’s been giving gifted upomings a table to sitwith him. blaqbonez is currently signed to chocolate city and had a beef with kenya’s khaligraph jones after his cryptic remarks about jones ‘s winning the MVP’s best hip hop act 2020.



LAST, but of course not the least on the lists is ghana’s MANIFEST .  THE RAPPER , we all know him for his tracks, ‘no shortcut to heaven’ and’mind games’… he’s a conscious music kinda rapper…

so tell us, lit is good or not?? if you have any different lists of your biggest 10 hip hop artiste, kindly give us your lists uing the comment box below, don’t forget to show us how you feel by usig the reaction emoji’s too…enjoy fun time!!!!

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