Societal acceptance of smoking

Outta the many wrongs that put  our life in danger smoking is part of it I am a sure of that today many people make their life so chip that smoking will have lime of getting into them some get it from friends some get it from their parent which their parent leave it in an literacy life that their don’t know .

About the effect any more today we have the opportunity that we got many ways to know about the effect of smoking including this articles and others, you are leaving in a house that you can’t even got a visitor from any one because of the condition you get yourself inside you choose to leave a life that no concise about any one all you know is to work and used it for smoking, there is a time in which one of the block industry in my area was  #90 but I know someone that lives in a house that is not good buying the pack of cigar #180.

The addiction of smoking

that is the highest form of  literacy we talking about. in the first place we make possible things to be in possible things today life is very easy but its determine the way you take it today making the life of smoking is not the good aide for us to be making it as our part of life besides it’s have an effect in our life today it will damage your liver and damage the good thought you have to have a better life today, today many artistes  don’t think  smoking is a very dangerous thing in life their just do that for life pleasure and that is not right, sometimes smoking breaks the opportunity of making better life, someone may think of giving you a very nice job but if he see some things that you are doing especially smoking and other some of things that make life abnormal.

in you he will not give you the success you see one of the effect again, some people think that smoking gives them courage of doing something will is not even do its right but in all the confident is not in a good way it’s just adding more disgrace to you world, making smoking part of life causes many things in our lives we just continuer causing more danger in our lives that can’t be good, many have died because of the effect of smoking they got its not normal to take smoking a part of live.

Someone will still when he have no money to buy it but he will go and still just to buy I smoke that can’t be good in our lives you see another effect have come again apart from smoking you take your life in danger of stilling, your family or parent/guardians will spans more money to take you out of the matter the effect have cause your family into trouble, make your life simple and enjoy it as you have it today don’t be over look of someone’s life, for sure someone have the money to smoke without stilling from anyone, the effect are many to cause damage in our lives today if the effect doesn’t appear in a way that you will be caught you will surely come in a way that its will be more effective than stilling he will think “now that I am  getting more money to smoke I will smoke as much as I can nobody will question me” .

Why smoke???

Yes nobody will question you it is your money but note that the effective way are more cost than your money don’t think that is the only way you will have effects normally you cannot be in the danger of taking someone’s money but you will be couth in damaging your body systems with smoke your thinking will not be normal as people did today it will just be abnormal every day of your life I am not praying but to tell you the truth that is how it is in life today no matter the way you get one out of hand the other one will suddenly comes up, the way your lips are looking so black is one of the effect you face in smoking you cannot escape  from than one at all any one that is smoking that is his own mark of smoking.

Dire effect of smoking (psychologically)

Focus of family matter: you can’t just be in a good days with your family even doe they are not complaining but you as yourself you are notice that in you if the smoking doesn’t take your mind, getting food is a problem and you compeer it with smoking again that means you have to kitchen in your life or to say two family in your life you will divide every money you have into two the smoke have his own and the family have their own too, that thing is really a digressive way of living life face the challenges  you have in your family and see the good things that will come in your way some people think that smoking make the life good by getting something’s from the partners they smoke with, the truth is this people are putting more dangers in your life so many dangers because today they can make this in a way to have your life not successive at all giving does things is a sigh of telling you that you will not look for you own as they does people are getting it your name will turn to depended no daughter of that.

Smoking has an effect during driving: because when you are driving its can cause accident in your way because you are out of control you are just driving out of your normal sense but you think is normal that can’t be right to have the opportunity of making life better you have to avoid smoking by all mist that you can because the effect can’t be fixed.

Smoking in our mMusic Industry today

In our contemporary Music Industry, artistes are much known for smoking, from cigars to weed to anything inhalable.  These acts most times shown in their music videos to male it seem like a natural way, the cool-feeling and everything.

But in their corners,  most of them suffer from the worst liver and kidney problem bit the chose not to show that part of their life on the media.. And thereby deceiving unsuspecting youths who feel smoking is a ‘cool way of living ‘.

Some ,or probably most of these artistes require smoke, esp. Weed to get inspired, which they end up singing good sounding but whack tracks.

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