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is khaligraph jones the best rapper in africa??

undoubtedely, khaligraph jones is one good lyricsist with the punchlines and fierce venom 0n the the african hip hop scene at the moment. but of lately there have been arguements by rap loving fans of him being the king of rappers in africa or not. so today we o savour on this note, is khali africa best rapper so far??

born rian robert ouko, khaligraph jones is from a kenyan descent, from kayole in the kenyan eastlands.

he emerged on the kenyan national music scene when he won the ‘channel o emcee’  at the bare age of 19 in 2009..he went on to dropping tracks like yego, testimony and khali (autograph album, 2014) which had turned him into a household name in the country’s rap industry.

the bouncer-turned-rapper started becoming the unavoidable element of hip hop talkson the international level after his beef with chocolate city rapper, blaqbonez.

reportedly,blaqbonez cynical comments over khaligraph winning of soundcity mvp best hiphop act, and thereafter crowning himself (blaqbonez) ‘africa best rapper’ had set the ball to the feud loading.

fans of the artiste didnt helped matters at all as they went on to lock heads on the blue dove app (twitter), as they locked heads , everyone defending their favorite rappper.

IT will be remembered that blaqbonez boss, mi abaga had featured khali on a track inillegal music 3 ‘black bill gates’ with critcs and review saying he murdered the chairman, doubtfully so though.

khaligraph jones best rapper in africa??

is khali better than m.i abaga

this a quite a shaky table that no hip hop loving african loves touching for fear of it;s crashig down but the fact is, most hip hop lovers in africa, and even some kenyan citizens themselves admit that khaligraph is no match at all to african hip hop giant, m.i abaga. (self acclaimed africa’s hip hop messiah)

let it be noted that jude abaga had taken the afri-rap culture more high, than any of his predecessors like eldee, modenine, etc. it be recalled that jude brought style to thip hop unlike hitherto rappers who had already getting borisome with their one way flow, which of course, was a bore we must admit. lyrical genuisses like modenine were being unaccepted with their too much linguistics, and could only be admired from far but not loved because of the hard sound on the average nigerian, who were’nt so interested in the big english and needed something to flow with.

mi abaga had succeeded in bringing the hip hop culture down to earth with simple but perfectly sounding styled songs in english. that was the back code of the choc-boys comprising of ice prince,jesse jags, and soul star, brymo. at 2019, khaligraph was just getting known n the streets of kenya, while jude had drpped his well well acepted and accolades accopanied album, ‘TALK ABOUT IT’ and of course, the album was well talked about.

we are not trying to deny that khaligraph jones is a vibe and should be a prince to be crowned, but not the king himself. funny enough if the choc boys were at the best at this moment, khali wont be noted anywhere near their level. those team back in 2009 (compriisng of m.i abaga, ice prince and jesse jagz + brymo for choruses)

rapper AQ is someone who should khali should be on the same level with. the dude is becoming fastly recognized as a hip hop head, and more notably after his joint EP with mi abaga ‘THE LIVE REPORT’

no prejudices, blaqbonez is also nowhere near khali either as blaqbonez is an afropop and hip hop, not basically a rap artiste, he also is a big mouthed ranter who strenght lies more in his mouth than his verses. blaqbonez is not a bad rapper though, he’s got perfectly great lines and meticulously power verses, but his weakness is his delivery, as it doesnt always go hard as the lyrics does, a poor withdrawal to his face.

WITH ALL  THe BRIEF points stated above, it will be foolhardy of a fan to still insist that khaligraph jones is the best rapper in africa. yeah we admit that jones is one good rapper and is also on the lists of the top ten rappers in africa, .

khali should be content for now abot making good music and not going around throwing disses and replying to diss tracks, engaging with every tom, dick and harry rapper, both popular and unknown  in battles, he’s far more way than that. besides, the era by which rappers kept he light on their flame burning by disses is gone, now all the industry cares about is the output you as an artiste/superstar is giving out; i.e, good music.

this details is just a brief rendezvous and we will have a longer detailed article in ‘KHALIGRAPH IS NOT AFRICAN BEST RAPPER’, a comeback justification for this write up

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