Three Undiscovered Platforms To Monetize Your Music In 2020

Make money from Your Music

Are you an upcoming music art who is looking forward to getting big and making money from your music?  Whoba!! What if I tell you, you can monetize Your music even before you get to that big rapper/afropop star you wish to be??

Yeah i Know it sounds to good to be true, that’s because it is. You don’t have to wait, keep working and praying to become an A-list artiste before you earn from your art. 

With a little hardwork, strong push and probably an C-list artiste management and promotion, you’re good to go!… Enough of all the hype and hullabaloo, I know I’m Prolly already getting you on your nerves, here are the three out of a hundred and one online platforms that gives you a chance to monetize your music with just a handful of active fans.

How to make money from your music in 2020


YouTube.. Yeah you read that read. You probably wondering now, “how?? ” . The red app remains one of the most undiscovered making money platforms by thousands of music artistes, because of the perception that one has to be globally, or Atleast nationally recognized and have millions of fans in order to start earning. others on the other hand think it’s a automated money maker, and would only recognize and pay the big acts. I’m pretty sure you belong to atleast one of this categories.

But heyo!  What of I tell you you’ve been wrong all this while?? And yeah you can monetize your music /music videos on YouTube. All that is required is 1000 Subscribers and 4000 watch hour’s on your channel. 

YouTube allows you to make and upload videos of your own, as long as it ain’t copyright. To get up-to a thousand subscribers, you can as well pay for ads (advertisement) on YouTube..

Why would YouTube pay me??

You Prolly wondering, ‘why would YouTube just pay me for uploading my own videos ??’ let me take my time to briefly break down the process. .

YouTube gets thousands of companies that wanna advertise on the platform, so they (YouTube)  gets paid by these companies and in turn, YouTube pays you for advertising, in form of videos. You see those videos that do pop up before an actual video you played, with an option to skip? Those commercials?  Yeah those are ads.Click to read more

Understandably, alot of upcoming arts can’t afford to shoot music videos at will, lack of funding (capital) and everything, but hey, there are options. As an artiste, you can upload lyrics video of your songs, there are lots of lyrics video making apps for Androids and Ios, but I will recommend .

You can also attach your music to blank copyright free videos (your google search will do alotta good) and upload them. So what you waiting for?? Open a channel now and start a pathway for monetizing your talent today!


Podia is another undiscovered but awesome online platform to sell ones product, of course including digital downloads.

The website offers users the freelancing ability to make uploads themselves a particular product, ranging from e-books to mp3’s. They also allow you to chose a price tag for your product, all these for just 14$ a month, with a free -7 days trial, not a bad deal, is it??


Podia is another mouth watering platform artistes that wants to monetize their music shouldn’t ignore, never mind the lil bills, it’s really worth it.  Sign up Here or Discover /read more + other options via their Official website


You’re probably wondering “Same audiomack I’v been using for years? ” smiles, yeah. That’s right, you can make money from your music from audiomack.

The app, which was released in 2012 as a music sharing platform have revolutionalized to being one of the biggest method for both upcomings and A-list artistes + DJ’s  to share their art.

And yes, you can monetize your audiomack,all you need is  a pro account (AMP)  and I will be putting you through on how to apply in some simple steps.

How to apply for audiomack pro account.

To monetize your audiomack, you have to first have a pro version of the account. Learn how to get a pro account in these brief steps.

1. Ensure first you have an active audiomack account with measurable plays and quite a lot of followers, it helps

2. Contact audiomack through the form provided on the app/platform or Click here.

3. Enter your current and valid email address, and in the message box, give cogent reason (why)  you should be given a pro account.  Make sure your reasons are valid enough and convincing.

4: lastly, click on the ‘submit’ button and you’re done. Expectedly, an audiomack staff will contact you in / less than 7 working days.

Hope this article was an eye opener??  Kindly drop your comments if you have any platform you think should be on the list.. Welcome to the hub!


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