YESterday, we talked a little briefly and quite extensively about the top 5 songs in 2020 in nigeria..today we still focused on the western african country, which is unarguably the biggest entertainment industry holder in the whole of africa, but specifically on the northern region of the country and basically the arewa hip hop so who are our top 5 artistes in northern nigeria ??


needless to say (but we will still say it anyways) the northern part of the country have contributed so immensley to the rap culture in nigeria, from time immomento, producing top notch hip hop stars like m.i abaga, jesse jags ,ice prince etc…but today we will be giving the ranking table specifically for indigenous rappers, so this big fishes are counted out.. let the countdown begin!!!

1. b.o.c

born luka bulus madaki , the artiste who goes by boc, ‘barde ogan chasu’ is over a scale of 1-10 the bigest indeginous rapper by 9. he’s undoubtely respected with high air by hausa hip hop loving fans, and even by hid rap colleuages. the rapper is incredibly fluent in puchlines both in hausa and english and also never seem to be drained up of his lyrical idioms, proverbs and punchlines. boc first came to limelight when his album ‘no english’ hit the airwaves and the sound widely accepted by all and sundry.

boc tops the list of our 4 best arewa (north)best rappers, and he sure deserves the position. boc hails from bauchi.

BOC is also the crooner of viral tracks like zafi, all na paro, his latest album ‘wasika zuwa sama’ was released earlier on this year

2. classiq

born barnabass, classiq is the one dude whos boc position is often argued with over..at some their fans believed there was somes silent feud between them ,which has been dissolved of lately…

classiq,(buba barnabas luka) who also hails from bauchi is a sweet sounding artiste, who where he lacks in bars, replaces with swag and style. he’s fondly referred to often as the arewa rap version of m.i abaga as his flows of lately is soundng undeniably similrar. but wait!! that shouldnt be surprisingly afterall, classiq is signed to chocolate city where jude had but of recent ben the ceo, after the post of vice … also classiq and MI had jumped on a track ‘gudu’ which of course was widely accepted, i mean well loved by the general public as a whole, paticularly as m.i had gone on a comic sounding tone, with hs poor intonation of the hausa language.

lst we forget, classiq emerged on the scene as one of the pioneers of core ‘arewa only’ rap in 2015 with his song ‘HOTO’ which had mad acceptance from high school students who turned the prase to a daily school word and taunted teenage female classmates, classiq ‘maye’ as he tags himself on record achieved a wider more fame with ‘how far’ a song still listened to by even me, i must confess.

3.dj ab

ahaaa. third on the list is kano based rapper dj ab. the boss of ‘yaran north side ‘ (yns) dj ab is unarguably the most versatile hausa rapper at the moment, and surely one of the hottest.

the falz of arewa rap, dj ab is loved for his comic lines in almst every track of his. very much popular for the ‘easy to catch ‘ lines of his, unlike the linguistic b.oc whose punchlines take a day or to to get to the head, smiles.. without making a hyperbolic statement, i can say dj ab’s songs are national anthem for most streets of arewa,kano,kaduna,niger, you name it.

he brought himself to notice in 2015 with his track ‘er boko’ a storytelling hausa rap about his crush on an educated girls, who he eds up stealing his dad’s money to shop for her, goes ut with the car in a bid to impress and landing himself in custody of the police after she crashed it….

dj ab also kept rhe limelight on his face with ‘babarsa’ ft team mates deezell, with a perfectly alright visuals of the track to go with it. babarsa was a success too, which this time,earned not only him but all team mates more fame and recogniton.

dj ab is one northern rapper that is playing his cards well, he’s becoming obviously noted by the nigerian , not just arewa music industry, after features with stars lik dremo, magnito, zlatan and king of the south himself, yung6ix


‘musa is coming’ was becoming a household tag…the hausa-fusion and rap artiste who goes by musa akila is undoubtedly a big dog also in the hausa rap scene. though of lately not much’s been heard from him as the dude is presumed to be going for the money way with less hip hop  and more marriages and political songs, he still very much deserves to be on this list as it cant be denied that he was a force to reckon with a little while ago.

well of course,his 2019 track ‘haba’ was a big hit, if we blind our eyes to the glaring fact that it was actually more of an afropop/rnb than hip hop. the song was a big hit anyways but we miss the morell who gave out hip hop vibes like ”mu kade ” ‘arewa’  ‘karota’ from the musa jikan musa album..


last but prolly not the least but underated is 29 year old rapper, kheengz.

the YFK ENTERTAINENT artiste, who had his first major hit ‘pedestal’ in 2017, although he emerged first in 2015 with his cover of designer’s ‘panda’….he tagged his

born name king bawa, kheengz 2019 hits ‘kala kala’ and ‘voice of arewa’ has earned him a seat on this lists cos they were undeniably purely good vibes and anyone with a penchant thirst for good hausa rap mixed with an icing of english would be surely quenchd by those two tracks.

as we always note out on any  article, this writeup have been drafted purely based on review and might not agree with public opinion, or your opinion..

kindly drop a comment to tell us what your list of the five biggest hiphop heads in northern nigeria wold hav looked like. enjoy fun time !!!

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